Psyc 110 Notes 11-29-2011

Psyc 110 Notes 11-29-2011 - Card questions on last day will...

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Card questions on last day will be on final Conclusions Dissociations demonstrate systems: priming, procedural, semantic, episodic Different memory systems bc respond differently to diff variables Temporal lobes critical for explicit memory Anterograde and retrograde amnesia Anterograde – can’t make new long term memories. Retrograde – can’t remember before Monkeys and explicit memory Problem solving, logic, creativity Social cognition for detecting cheaters? Human brains have evolved to detect cheaters. Logic for detecting cheaters? Human brain processes as social contracts rather than abstract problems Situational specificity Put in particular context, then easier to solve Can facilitate or compromise Successful solutions may not depend on an understanding that generalizes Even though you can apply logic, you don’t have generalisable abstract formula for how to do that. You just know how to do it in that domain Brazilian candy vendors can do math involving money but suck at doing math as a problem in a school setting Students solve problems in abstract context. Get in real world, and it takes a while to solve problem because it’s another form of the problem we know. Expertise is domain specific Memory span in chess Better in experts than novices. Just because you’re expert with good memory for chess pieces doesn’t mean you have a good memory for phone numbers Social context in humans ‘ecological perspective’
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Psyc 110 Notes 11-29-2011 - Card questions on last day will...

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