Psyc 110 Notes 11-3-2011

Psyc 110 Notes 11-3-2011 - Conclusions Light entering the...

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Conclusions Light entering the eye passes through the cornea, then the pupil, and is focused on the retina by the lens. Retina is covered by obscuring structures including blood vessels and has a hole where the optic nerve leaves the eye Stabilized images and filling in account for seamless perceptual evidence. Lower sensitivity cones are densely packed in the fovea and more sensitive rods are less densely distributed in the periphery. Three cone types are maximally sensitive to three diff wavelengths How we experience colors that we experience. The receptive field of a visual neuron is that area of the retina that when stimulated alters firing of the neuron. Receptive field in retina Detecting Edges and Contours Exaggerated change See several bars varying from darkness to the left and white to the right. Ns enhances edges so we see them particularly clearly Balance of excitation and inhibition Horizontal cell connects some visual receptors in the lower part to other visual receptors in the upper. When this cell fires a lot because the receptors it covers is being stimulated, it sends inhibitors Horizontal cells mediate lateral inhibition Ganglion cells have steady base rate that is either increased or decreased by stimulation of retina. “Center On” Receptive Field
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Psyc 110 Notes 11-3-2011 - Conclusions Light entering the...

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