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BCIS 3620 SYLLABUS-   Dr. GUYNES  SPRING 2012   FEBRUARY 6,  2012 ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION : Course Number: BCIS 3620 Course Title: Business Computer Information Systems Semester: SPRING 2012 Classroom BLB 140 All PROBLEMS and DATASETS for the problems, ETC. can be downloaded from the WWW. Go to the website: Instructor: Dr. Guynes Office: BLB 312H Phone: (940) 565-3110 Office Hours: By Appointment Email: [email protected] COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course is an introduction to business computer programming and design in a corporate environment. The primary focus is on the information systems function in support of corporate activities. Students will learn business problem solving using PROGRAMMING in a true Mainframe development environment. Upon the successful completion of the course, the student should be able to analyze a business problem, design a solution to the problem, develop a program consistent with the design using IBM Mainframe tools, and implement the solution. TEXTBOOKS AND OTHER MATERIALS: NO TEXTBOOK WILL BE REQUIRED THIS SEMESTER, however if you want a textbook for COBOL, buy a used copy of COBOL by STERN & STERN – any edition will do. Each student will be given an account on an IBM System Z Mainframe.
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BCIS 3620 SYLLABUS-   Dr. GUYNES  SPRING 2012   FEBRUARY 6,  2012 IMPORTANT: Starting on January 30, when the Syllabus says ‘Review Example’ you are to bring that program , its input data, and its output report to class that day. Print off TWO [2] copies of the
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syllabus - BCIS3620SYLLABUSDr.GUYNES...

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