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Music Appreciation Syllabus - Music Appreciation, MUSC 1100...

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Music Appreciation, MUSC 1100 online Spring 2012, Session C Instructor Dr. Sarah Cain No office hours. Contact instructor through course e-mail or . (See below for e- mail policy.) Credit Hours: 3. This course is a fully-online class. There will be no face-to-face meetings. Textbook and Supplies Text package should include the following: 1. The World of Music , 7th Edition, by David Willoughby. 2. Set of Three Compact Discs that accompany the textbook. Other materials needed include a computer with internet, working speakers, and basic software including Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader. Course description Investigation of the major periods of music, a sampling of the great music from each period, knowledge of the basic forms of music concentration, and discussion of the historical and social backgrounds of each period. Open to all interested students; prior knowledge of music, music skills, and performance abilities not necessary. Pre/co-requisites: none Teaching Methods and Course Requirements Teaching methods include reading assignments, active listening assignments, online discussion, concert attendance, online research, and writing assignments. Students must: 1. Study and understand textbook material as indicated by the schedule. 2. Have basic computer skills including but not limited to word processing, e-mail, internet navigation and searching. 3. Be responsible for material presented by instructor that is NOT covered in the text. 4.
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Music Appreciation Syllabus - Music Appreciation, MUSC 1100...

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