Organizational Structure 3-25-07

Organizational Structure 3-25-07 - 1 Organizational...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Organizational Structure ) Need to create division of labor ) Need to integrate these groups to ensure organizational effectiveness ) Dimensions of Macro Structure ) Microstructure Management Dimensions and Processes Firm Growth as Evolutionary Process Single Business Geographic Diversification (Foreign Sales as %Total Sales) Product Diversification (Product Diversity) Product and Geographic Diversification The Organization Process • Phase I -- Creating an organizational structure that will allow the firm to take full advantage of its global resources • Phase II -- Determining the organizational behavior dictated by the required degree of coordination of the company’s global activities Horizontal Differentiation z degree to which tasks are divided into distinct homogeneous groups z function-wise z geographic-wise z product-wise z production stage-wise Prod 1 Prod 2 Prod 3 Prod 4 CEO Mkt Mfg Finance R&D Logistics CEO Vertical Differentiation z Number of levels within the organization...
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Organizational Structure 3-25-07 - 1 Organizational...

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