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BUSI 107 2009 Fall Study Outline II

BUSI 107 2009 Fall Study Outline II - BUSI107...

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BUSI 107 Study Outline II, Chapters 7-12 Fall 2009 Chapter 7: Global Marketing Definition of globalization and the key factors driving it Assessing global markets: economic analysis, infrastructure and technology,  government actions, socio-cultural analysis. Be familiar with the key variables associated  with each of these areas of analysis.  Global entry strategies: exporting, franchising, strategic alliances, joint venture, direct  investment.  Understand the trade-off between greater control and increased risk across  these strategies. Global marketing: adaptation or standardization of positioning and marketing mix Key ethical issues in global marketing Chapter 8: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Understand and be able to describe the logic of segmentation, targeting and positioning Segmentation strategies: undifferentiated (mass) marketing, differentiated, concentrated  (niche), micromarketing Bases of segmentation for consumer markets: geographic, demographic, psychographic,  geodemographic (e.g., PRIZM), behavioral (including loyalty, usage rate, usage  occasions, etc.)   Evaluating segment attractiveness: identifiable, substantial, reachable, responsive,  profitable (understand sample calculation in Exhibit 8.7)
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  • Spring '09
  • Grewal
  • Marketing Research Process, product development process, global entry strategies, toolkit application, shelf position.  Positioning

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BUSI 107 2009 Fall Study Outline II - BUSI107...

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