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Study Guide for Exam 1

Study Guide for Exam 1 - Corporate and personal taxes(tax...

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Study Guide for Exam 1 BUSI 105: Financial Management Spring 2007 Be able to identify/describe the following: Real assets Financial assets Capital budgeting Financing decisions Primary markets Secondary markets Financial intermediary Financial institution and their primary functions Financial markets and their functions Be prepared to: Construct a balance sheet and calculate shareholder’s equity given a set of balance sheet accounts Identify marginal and actual tax rates Be prepared to calculate the following:
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Unformatted text preview: Corporate and personal taxes (tax schedules will be provided) Present value of a lump sum future value Future value of a lump sum present value Future value of a regular stream of cash flows Present value of a regular stream of cash flows The interest rate earned on an investment given present and future values and the time period The number of years it will take for an investment to grow to a goal amount given a specific interest rate...
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