socio midterm 2 - Lecture Topic: Families Families have key...

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Lecture Topic: Families Families have key role in shaping habitus Nuclear Family : is composed of a cohabiting man and woman who maintain a socially approved sexual relationship and have at least one child Traditional Nuclear Family : the wife performs free domestic labor while the husband works outside the home for money. This family form is based on a gendered division of labor. Heteronormativity : The idea that heterosexuality is normal and morally superior to homosexuality That the heterosexual monogamous marriage is normal and morally superior than other family arrangements That a woman's natural role in life is to bear children in marriage and do the domestic labor to the household; mans natural role is to provide Legally married ----------> never married With children ------------> voluntary childlessness Two-parent ---------------> single-parent Permanent--------------- -> divorce, remarriage Male primary provider -> egalitarian (dual career) Sexually exclusive------ -> extramarital relationships Heterosexual ------------- > same sex relationships Decline of nuclear family Some believe it has benefitted families Economical and political reforms help other forms survive Functionalism states: Functions of families: o Sexual regulation (no sexual boundaries = social life is chaotic) o Economic cooperation (optimizes fam. by giving man instrumental role ) o Reproduction o Socialization (care for and teach children) o Emotional support (mother resp. for emot. well being) Parsons - love, affection, companionship 40's and 50's Many programs to aid nuclear families Orgy of domesticity "Rosie the riveter" - exemplifies female dissatisfaction w/ nuc. Fam. 60's and 70's Economic boost Nuclear fam. Begins to dissolves *Interestingly, the nuclear family was an anomaly; not a natural type of family
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Crude Divorce Rate: The number of divorces that occur in a year for every 1000 people in pop. Crude Marriage Rate: the number of marriages that occur in a year for every 1000 people in pop. Crude Fertility Rate: The average number of children born to women the same age over their lifetime Replacement rate : number of children each woman must have on average for population size [excluding immigration and emigration] to remain constant [2.1] Mode of Production of human families: ( Marxist perspective) Nuclear family was a gender conflict Hunting gathering societies ------> Agricultural societies; domestication of animals o o Acquisition of goods and wealth in agricultural society o Men had to control woman sexually and economically Ex . Father right, in order to secure goods Marriage = contractual ownership (wife property of husband) Only 25 years ago rape laws put in place o THIS IS THE ROOT OF MONOGAMOUS MARRIAGE Feminism / (Marxist element) o Husband not only interested in economic benefit o Husband pleased when woman does domestic work for free
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socio midterm 2 - Lecture Topic: Families Families have key...

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