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SOC103H1 F - to which they share beliefs Interaction face...

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SOC103H1F - Sociology Notes September 14, 2010 Sociology is concerned with the study of modern society. -Social action -Social order Auguste Comte -mid 1800's -founder of discipline of sociology Two key periods. .. -Scientific Revolition (16th c): encouraged use of evidence & systematic methods to substantiate theory -Industrial Revolution (19th c): revolutionized people as masses/societies Social imagination: the ability to connect seemingly impersonal and remote historical and institutional forces to ones individual life (C. Wright Mills, 1959) Durkheim: - a groups level of social solidarity is determined by the frequency o interactions and the degree
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Unformatted text preview: to which they share beliefs Interaction: face to face communication between people who act and react Interaction Order: system of face to face relations organized by status Status: position in a social interaction Archie-Emotion management: involves people responding properly in certain social situations Archie Hoshchild:-Emotional Labour: emotional management that one is paid to do-1/2 women and 1/5 men do this regularly Status Shield: social status that protects owner from negative emotions or actions of another...
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