PHL295S - March 23, 2012 - PHL295S - March 23 rd , 2012...

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Unformatted text preview: PHL295S - March 23 rd , 2012 Exam:- 20 T/F- 5-10 MC- 5/7 SA (2-3 sentences)- 2/5 essay questions (2 page double spaced o Explores the intersection of two papers Course so far:- The market (smith, coase, sen)- The corporation (coase, lee)- Managers Obligations (david, friedman, hansmann)- Stakeholder Management (Freeman, Goodpaster, Porter)- Critics of stakeholder management (marcoux, boatright, heath)- Putting theory into action (whitbeck, geva) Heath Moral motivation and Business ethics A criminological perspective:- Lots of wrongdoing in business o Occupational crime, corporate crime o Many ethics scandals are criminal cases- What motivates this behaviour? o The rules are obvious; dont lie, cheat, or steal o How do you motivate people to do the right things?- Criminologists are interested in what motivates wrongdoing o Disagreement on best theories, but agreement on the bad theories o Heath says its odd business ethics has not been more interested in criminology Bad theories:- Defective Character: o Assumption that criminals werent raised right, no conscience, sociopathic But evidence says otherwisewhite-collar criminals are not like this No consistent shared personality traits among criminals Most people will do bad things in the right circumstances (Milgrim,...
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PHL295S - March 23, 2012 - PHL295S - March 23 rd , 2012...

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