POL101Y - Mar. 20 Lecture Notes

POL101Y - Mar. 20 Lecture Notes - POL101Y March 19th2012...

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POL101Y – March 19 th 2012 Global Governance Global Governance and the International System: - Anarchic International system (IS) – realism o Made up of states, absence of world government o Concerned with relative power between states o Realist IS = zero sum game o Therefore states are prone to conflict - League of nations: o Collective security doctrine (CSD) o State interests are priority, but CSD can outlaw aggression between states o Did not work; threat of punishment was not an effective deterrent o Failure lead to WWII - Neo-liberal institutionalism: o Accepts the realist premise that we life in anarchical world (about state level) o But we can relieve conflicting nature of the IS Cooperation and interdependence; of economics, security, Thus IS can be ‘positive sum’ rather than ‘zero sum’ o Functionalism: countries and states can cooperate around functionally specific areas We can problem solve together to solve issues like env. Change and epidemics o We need to come together to create rules and norms that govern a states behaviour We all benefit by abiding by these rules and norms - International organizations and regimes: o Bretton Woods No more exchange rate manipulation o GAT (Precursor to world trade org.) How countries would over time lower tariffs and promote free trade o The European Union Common currency, common set of rules Common agricultural policy - The United Nations (UN) States: o Accepts that states are sovereign and that there’s no world govern
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POL101Y - Mar. 20 Lecture Notes - POL101Y March 19th2012...

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