POL200Y - March 7th Notes

POL200Y - March 7th Notes - March 7 th , 2012 Hobbes read...

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Unformatted text preview: March 7 th , 2012 Hobbes read chapter 46 for next week Replacement lecturer: PhD Student Chapter 10-11:- Peace and unity as a positive thing (most things are negative/meaningless up until now)- No teleological organization to the world; life is just feeding our desires- Perpetual and restless desire for power- Power itself is both the means and the ends need more power to secure present power Sovereign Authority:- Civil power is necessary; so we can cap our own power and live in peace- Obedience to civil authority should thus supersede all your own ambitions- Lead into sovereign authority by escaping the state of nature Chapter 12:- Religion and its seeds derive from peoples desire to know the causes of things- Thus religion is a kind of science; an attempt to understand things- But religion is bad science; it is a failed attempt; incorrect causes; superstition- And it is contagious it is easy to influence to weak into these beliefs- Anxieties furnish our inclination towards religion Religion and Politics:- Stresses the political utility of religion (religion: what is publicly accepted -> superstition: what is not publicly accepted it is enforcement vs. non-enforcementall relative, like the good)- Like Machiavelli armed vs. unarmed prophets- Pagan (gentile) religions were tools used to control the people Important Observations:- We are prison houses of our senses; imagination is decaying sense- We are prisoners of our appetites; all our thoughts do is satisfy this...
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POL200Y - March 7th Notes - March 7 th , 2012 Hobbes read...

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