ece15_1_2012_6 - Objectives of the course Understand how...

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1 ECE 15A Fundamentals of Logic Design Lecture 1 Malgorzata Marek-Sadowska Electrical and Computer Engineering Department UCSB 2 Objectives of the course Understand how things work, bottom-up Organize our understanding using abstractions Learn systematic approaches to solve problems Introduce tools and concepts for further learning 3 Grading and textbook Homework – 70 points 2 Tests – 50 points each Final exam – 110 points 5 Quizzes – 5 points each; 4 best count Textbook: C.H.Roth, “Fundamentals of Logic Design”, 6-th edition (CHR) 4 What is this course about? Basic concepts and tools used to design digital hardware consisting of logic circuits Digital systems Process, transmit and store information Digital system Components can be: digital, analog or mixed signal All these components work with signals Signals: analog and digital Digital system: signals have a finite number of discrete values 5 Behavior Inputs Outputs Why digital? Pros: Noise immunity Can be stored and manipulated with no much error Accuracy is improved by adding more levels or encoding Relatively simple design Systematic (automatic) design flow possible Cons: Real world is analog – accuracy loss Digital processing often needs more energy than analog 6
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2 Design hierarchy 7 Behavioral description (system) Sub-systems Modules Blocks Gates Transistor netlists 8 Example digital system: computer PC board Backplane Memory CPU Bus Connector Transistors Gates Blocks/Cores Cells Integrated circuit Circuit boards Computer 9 Binary Representation Electronic Implementation Easy to store with bi-stable elements Reliably transmitted on noisy wires Straightforward implementation of arithmetic functions 0.0V 0.5V 2.8V 3.3V 0 1 0 10 Digital circuits
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ece15_1_2012_6 - Objectives of the course Understand how...

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