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ece15a_syllabus_2012_1 - Fundamentals of Logic Design ECE...

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1/6/12 1 Fundamentals of Logic Design - ECE 15A Instructor: Malgorzata Marek-Sadowska Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 3:15-4:30pm in Howard Frank Hall, rm 4111. Winter 2012 Textbook: C.H.Roth, “Fundamentals of Logic Design”, 6 -th edition (CHR). Week 1: Monday (January 9) Lecture #1: Objectives of the course; digital systems and their applications; components of digital systems; voltages and digital values; binary number system. Read from CHR pp. 8-21[Sec.1.2-1.4] and 28-48 [2.1-2.8]. Wednesday (January 11) Lecture #2: Unsigned, 1's complement and 2's complement numbers. Addition and sub- traction. The algebra of sets: Element and set; forming new sets; Venn diagrams; funda- mental laws; expansion, factorization and simplification. Read from CHR pp. 62-68 [Sec. 3.1-3.3]; Homework #1 posted. Week 2: Discussion #1. Monday (January 16) No class Wednesday (January 18) Lecture #3: Boolean algebra, sets with algebraic structure, principle of duality, funda- mental theorems in Boolean algebra, De Morgan’s laws.
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