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ECE 2B University of California, Santa Barbara Winter 2012 Shynk H.O. #3 COURSE OBJECTIVES AND TENTATIVE SCHEDULE Objectives: Continuation of introductory circuit analysis. Diode circuits. Laplace transform and solution of steady-state and transient circuit problems in the s-domain; Bode plots; resonators; op-amps and design of op-amp circuits; passive and active Flters; ±ourier series and ±ourier trans- formers. Two-port circuit parameters and their use in small signal transistor circuit analysis. Dates: Week 1 (1/9): Labs and Lectures Begin Week 2 (1/16): Homework #1 Due (±riday 1/20) Week 3 (1/23): Homework #2 Due (±riday 1/27) Lab #1 Due Week 4 (1/30): Homework #3 Due (±riday 2/3) Lab #2 Due Week 5 (2/6): Homework #4 Due (±riday 2/10) Lab #3 Due Week 6 (2/13): Midterm Exam (Thursday 2/16) Week 7 (2/20): Homework #5 Due (±riday 2/24)
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Unformatted text preview: Lab #4 Due Week 8 (2/27): Homework #6 Due (±riday 3/2) Lab #5 Due Week 9 (3/5): Homework #7 Due (±riday 3/9) Lab #6 Due Week 10 (3/12): Homework #8 Due (±riday 3/16) Lab #7 Due Week 11 (3/19): ±inal Exam (Wednesday 3/21) Notes: 1. Homework will be due on ±ridays at 5:00 p.m. Place them in the ECE 2B homework box in Room 3120 of Harold ±rank Hall (H±H). 2. Lab reports will be due on the day of your lab section. Give them to your lab TA at the beginning of the lab session. 3. Since there are holidays on two Mondays (1/16 and 2/20), students registered for the Monday lab section should attend a special lab section on ±riday of those weeks anytime during 11:00–5:00 p.m. Those students can submit Lab Reports 1 and 5 on Tuesday (1/24 and 2/21) in the homework box before noon (again, because of the Monday holidays). 1...
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