purgatory - Katherine Arellano PHIL 225 Monday 10am...

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Katherine Arellano PHIL 225 Monday 10am February 21, 2012 Free Will: Regulator of Love As Dante Pilgrim journeys from Hell through Purgatory, he aims to fully understand the love described by Virgil as referring to every good action as well as every bad action. Dante asserts that love comes from outside of us and therefore, we cannot be praised nor blamed for what we love. Although Dante is referring to free will, Vigil’s point of view continues to emphasis the fact that human beings are rational creatures. Virgil elaborates on this idea of natural and mental love in which is natural love is aimed towards all good made by the hand of God and, mental love is illustrated as a keeper to help distinguish the love. As a result of Virgil’s foundation within Reason, he is unsuccessful in answering Dante’s question because Reason does not provide the power that free will does in restraining the spontaneous love for a given thing. Virgil uses this description of natural love to attempt to answer the reason behind the fact that love is outside of us and as a result is the reason why we cannot be held responsible. Virgil describes to Dante that “. ..man does not know the source of his intelligence of primal notions and
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purgatory - Katherine Arellano PHIL 225 Monday 10am...

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