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PHIL 225g Paper topics for argument papers Spring 2012 McCann You are required to submit a total of four argument papers, due by 3:00 p.m. on the due date given for each topic. You must submit at least two such papers by Tuesday March 6, and the remainder of the papers by Tuesday April 24. Papers are to be submitted electronically through the Turnitin system on the course Blackboard site; your TA may require you to submit a copy of the paper as an e-mail attachment and/or a printed hardcopy in addition to the Turnitin submission. If you encounter difficulties with submitting via Turnitin you must send a copy of your paper via email to your TA before the deadline. Each topic will begin with an assertion, which will sometimes be further explained in a following sentence or two. You will provide an extended argument either supporting that assertion or challenging it. Your argument must include (a) textual evidence in favor of the thesis you put forward, (b) one or two objections which an opponent might make to your claims, and (c) either or both of (c1) objections you make to the opponent's position or (c2) rebuttals of the opponent's objections. End the paper with a brief summary of the outcome of this back-and-forth. An excellent essay will cover all these points, but not necessarily in a 'by-the-numbers' fashion; it will be concise and elegantly structured, and it will briefly consider what implications the stand taken on the particular point in the question has for the overall interpretation of the work in question. Topics for first half of course (remember that you must submit at least two papers by Tuesday March 6): Due date: Tuesday January 17 1. In Casablanca it is Rick who decides that the love of Rick and Ilsa must be subordinated to the good of the whole, in this case the battle against Nazism (the ‘hill of beans’ remark). Considering the reasons he gives for this conclusion, this is not an unambiguously masculinist plot resolution. Due date: Tuesday January 24 2. The priestess Diotima’s account of the ascent of love connects the most perfected love with the desire for immortality ( Symposium 207C-210A) and with wisdom or knowledge, specifically knowledge of the Form of Beauty (210A-212B), and she connects these two. Socrates, who is represented in the dialogue as repeating and endorsing Diotima’s intellectualist conception of love, which makes a human individual’s love for another individual an imperfect or lower order sort of love, thus fails to provide an adequate account of erotic love . You can defend or respond to it
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papers topics - PHIL 225g Paper topics for argument papers...

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