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2.7.12 - PHIL 225g Spring 2012 Lecture 9 outline-Dante I...

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PHIL 225g Spring 2012 Lecture 9 outline--Dante I: Vita Nuova and background to Comedy Vita Nuova Prose parts probably written 1292-1300 CE; poems probably earlier 1302- Dante was exiled from Florence Autobiography on model of Augustine’s Confessions, only it is love for Beatrice, rather than scriptural inspiration, that causes the ‘conversion’; cf. literary justification for love poetry in the dernacular, Sec. XXV—describes new life after Beatrice Setting out ‘the essence of the meaning’ of word contained in Book of Memory under rubric ‘Incipit vita nova’ (I) Sees Beatrice at age 9 and immediately feels the grip of Love, ‘a God stronger than I who comes to rule over me’ (II) – 9 is the square of 3 n 3 is the number of God – has to specially to do with god Nine years pass, Beatrice greets Dante, first vision (Beatrice eating his heart); first sonnet (III) – give him her greeting eating the heart [First of thirty-one poems, in order 10-1-9-1-10 (10 short poems-1 long canzone- 9 poems (four short poems + 1 long canzone + 4 short poems)-1 long canzone-10 short poems) III Sonnet 1 VII Sonnet 2 VIII Sonnet 3, Sonnet 4 IX Sonnet 5 X Sonnet 6 (in prose format) XII Ballad 1 (Poem 7) XIII Sonnet 7 (Poem 8) XIV Sonnet 8 (Poem 9) XV Sonnet 9 ({Poem 10) XVI Sonnet 10 (Poem 11) XIX Canzone 1 (Poem 12) (‘Ladies who have intelligence of love’ cited in Purgatorio XXIV as an example of the dolce stil novo (sweet new style) XX Sonnet 11 (Poem13) XXI Sonnet 12 (Poem 14) XXII Sonnet 13, Sonnet 14 (Poem 15, Poem 16) XXIII Canzone II (Poem 17) XXIV Sonnet 15 (Poem 18) XXV [Disquisition on Love and Poetry] XXVI Sonnet 16, Sonnet 17 (Poem 19, Poem 20) XXVII Canzone 2 (interrupted) (Poem 21) XXXI Canzone 2 (Poem 22)
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XXXII Sonnet 18 (Poem 23) XXXIII Canzone 3 (Unfinished) XXXIV Sonnet 19 (Poem 24) XXXV Sonnet 20 (Poem 25) XXXVI Sonnet 21 (Poem 26) XXXVII Sonnet 22 (Poem 27) XXXVIII Sonnet 23 (Poem 28)
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