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love disccusion - who’s has a reunited love that is...

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Phil 225: Love Discussion 1.23.12 1. Alcibiades Speech: a. Counter argument to Pausanias b. Evolution of the love theory 2. The Greeks generally has a strange view of love where it is a one-way relationship whereas today there is a mutually shared love experience a. a.i. a.i.1. Seems as though Aristophanes view is a novel one – idea
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Unformatted text preview: who’s has a reunited love that is rejoined 3. The other ½ argument vs. intellectualist view a. The intellectualist ladder will not apply to the other ½ argument 1.30.2012 St. Augustine 1. Connects Plato to the later Christian writers a. Provides an explanation of lust a.i. The fall 2. Machiean view: a. A way of thinking about God – b. They idea that the manicheans have a way of explaining...
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