1.17.12 - 1.17.12 Why didnt Ilsa say with rick and send...

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1.17.12 Why didn’t Ilsa say with rick and send victor ahead? - A major theme of the film is patriotism. Give up self-interest to fight the good fight against an evil enemy. - Read like a western film- white vs black aka good vs evil - Merge your self-interest against this evil and the greater good Mascalinisc projections on the film - Ilsa comes along comes as an emo support & defined solely by her relationship to men - The tone of ricks speak to Ilsa is a condescending tone—speaking as if he knows the ways of the world in way she doesn’t o Instructs her the right and the best thing to do - The notion that rick has finally reconnected with Ilsa – we had paris, lost it and when you came to Casablanca we got it back – rick reacted strongly at either the male ego to be played by a women or locked into this strong love for Ilsa and in effect redeem himself to do the right thing - Going carefully though the film 95% of the full frame complete headshots are of Ilsa – pointing out her great beauty o A softer focus and less contrast lighting o The director typically blocks the actions – the directions and ‘putting in the scene’ Symposium I outline - Dialogue o Reads as a play – not a tragedy, has humor but not a comedy o Really a way to advance a philosophical argument o It would not be long before the symposium took place before Socrates was excuted for not believing in greek god and corrupting the youth - Symposium: o Important part of land owners of athenes o Powerful & wealthy people got together and had fun
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1.17.12 - 1.17.12 Why didnt Ilsa say with rick and send...

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