Chapter 8 the happiness hypothesis

Chapter 8 the happiness hypothesis - Chapter 8 the...

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Chapter 8 the happiness hypothesis 1. Relationship between virtue and happiness a. Virtues are qualities that make that person a good person or admirable person. (PLATO) a.i. Ex: knife—the virtue that make it a good knife/ functional knife a.i.1. Include sharpness & easy to handle without cutting yourself a.ii. Qualities and functions that allow the item into question to work properly b. Virtues of a human being is to fulfill the functions of human beings to lead b.i. Human function: identified by a fulerashing life.—life you were suppose to leave b.ii. Included: wisdom, courage, temperance, justice, patience b.iii. b.iii.1. Emphasis the different parts of the human soul b.iii.1.a. The reasoning vs. good & bad emotional parts of the soul b.iii.1.b. When these operate the right way you will act appropriately but didn’t focus on what actions were right or wrong but mainly on the virtues themselves – characteristics b.iii.2. b.iii.3. Related to the project of becoming a better person 2. Is ethical theory purely theoretical or does it actually attributes to our actions? a. Thought that the virtues were necessary & by acting with the virtues it is essential to experiencing happiness 3. Theory vs. Practice a. The modern philosophers have Kant & Benethium far different from Greek philosopher b. Kant—unified theory b.i. Morality principle: Categorical imperative 162 b.i.1. “nature follows rules… rules of conduct. Lions can be judge morality” b.ii.
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Chapter 8 the happiness hypothesis - Chapter 8 the...

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