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2.18 - Moral skeptical position 1 Objections a...

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Moral skeptical position: 1. Objections: a. Arbitrariness a.i. Too much as matters of taste a.ii. A society or particular culture and the way they feel about things will determine the way one feels about a view a.iii. There is a good reason to respecting human right rather than oppression a.iv. Try to sharpen up the worry: a.iv.1. If your taste would change -- effecting the change in a.v. Is it right because you think its right or is it right because it IS good a.v.1. When something is right that is due to Gods command – is it right because God commands you to do it a.v.1.a. There is no particular reason why you refrain from doing bad things a.v.2. Or is it right and that’s why God commands you to do a.v.2.a. Things ARE right and that’s why god commands you to do it a.v.2.b. Within the Christian tradition – a.v.2.b.i. Devine will a.v.2.b.ii. The nature of God a.vi. May be tending to think that this depends on different components of ethics a.vi.1. A necessary truth – there is no possibility that an action in all its detail of all the relevant features – there’s
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