Moral Truth 2.14

Moral Truth 2.14 - Objectivism1 Objectivism ethics is...

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Objectivism- 1. Objectivism- ethics is either right or wrong 2. Skepticism a. Error Theory – all ethical statements are false a.i. Right and wrong do not exist – mythical b. Subjectivism (Relativism) – individual person with define the truth, truth in relation to the standards of the individual c. Cultural Relativism – not the individual person that make a statement true but the standards of the individual society or culture that makes a statement true d. Non-cognativism – thinks that all the other views have made a mistake because they believe that it could be true or false where it is something that is in stone. d.i. Prescriptivism -- This theory offers a prescription or command to tell people what to do. d.ii. Emmotivism – not commands but expressions of emotions instead 3. Making a mistake: a. Objectivism- would state that some of the claims are correct and other are mistaken b. Skepticism: b.i. Error theory – would say that they are all in error and that right and wrong are myths to keep people in line b.ii. Non cognativist view – would state that there is no real sense of being wrong or being mistaken. b.ii.1. If you would utter a remark or tell a command then the statement cannot be judge as if a normal statement of fact would be compared to. b.iii. Subjectivism – less room for general moral error b.iii.1. Makes us less fallible b.iii.2. Kids get the idea that the constrants that a person can behave can be due to a command and others are not – differentiation b.iii.2.a. Ex: talking in class based on the teacher’s direction vs. hitting someone because a teacher said so 4. Conventional and non-conventional morality
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Moral Truth 2.14 - Objectivism1 Objectivism ethics is...

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