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Katherine Arellano March 17, 2009 AP Psychology Learning ° Associative learning: learning that certain events (two stimuli in classical conditioning) occur together. ° Classical (or Pavlovian) conditioning: The type of learning in which a response naturally elicited by one stimulus comes to be elicited by a different, formerly neutral stimulus. ° Learning: The process by which experience or practice results in a relatively permanent change in behavior or potential behavior. ° Conditioning: The acquisition of specific patterns of behavior in the presence of well-defined stimuli ° Unconditioned response: A response that takes place in an organism whenever an unconditioned stimulus occurs. ° Unconditioned stimulus: A stimulus that invariably causes an organism to respond in a specific way. ° Conditioned stimulus: An originally neutral stimulus that is paired with an unconditioned stimulus and eventually produces the desired response in an organism when presented alone. ° Conditioned response: After conditioning, the response an organism produces when only a conditioned stimulus is presented. ° Desensitization therapy: A conditioning technique designed to gradually reduce anxiety about a particular object or situation. ° Conditioned food (or taste) aversion: Conditioned avoidance of certain foods even if there is only one pairing of conditioned and unconditioned stimuli ° Law of effect: Thorndike’s theory that behavior consistently rewarded will be “stamped in” as learned behavior, and behavior that brings about discomfort will be “stamped out” (also known as the principle of reinforcement
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learning - Katherine Arellano AP Psychology Learning...

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