violate social norm

violate social norm - Violation Throughout the years...

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Violation Throughout the years, society continues to demonstrate its influence on the people living within it. And as the years progressed, society established guidelines for people to follow and be considered acceptable. In their eyes, these guidelines is what creates a fully functions society. The guidelines are most often considered a set of rules established by society’s expectations of appropriate attitudes, beliefs, behavior and lifestyles. To be more exact, the proper name for society’s expectations is a social norm. Some social norms are shaking hands with a person you have just met, maintaining good hygiene and walking in certain places. In our project, we went against a social norm by crawling instead of walking around. In demonstrating this violation of a social norm, we went to Target to buy some items as we entered the building; we got on our knees and began to crawl to the various isles. We believe that in going against this social norm the people around us will look at us like we are weird. Most of the people will probably just stare and give us weird looks. Some people might laugh or ask us if we are okay or maybe even if we are looking for something. In the event that someone does give a vocal reaction, we believe that it will most likely be a female, rather than a male. It is highly unlikely that any other people will join in crawling on the floor unless there was a larger group of people doing it. One reason that a person might conform to going against a social norm, such as walking, is when a large amount of people are doing a similar task. This has been proven in many experiments such as Asch’s experiments. There are many studies that have been done to reveal the pressures of conformity and influence of a group on the way people think. Some of the most popular conformity studies are the Asch’s experiments. This experiment is a prime example to illustrate how a group can influence people’s decisions as well as people’s levels of conformity based on being vocal.
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violate social norm - Violation Throughout the years...

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