schizo - In earlier years, a person with schizophrenia...

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In earlier years, a person with schizophrenia would have been associated with witchcraft, devil worshiping, or a demonic possession. Through the progression of time schizophrenia was found to be a severe mental illness that ultimately alters a person’s perception of reality. Schizophrenia is described as unpredictable instances of twisted logic that is displayed through voices, feelings, and images which typically reflects on the unconscious or on a pending conflict. In 2001, Russell Crowe starred in a movie production called A Beautiful Mind , which told the story of a John Nash; a schizophrenic, mathematical genius. Throughout the movie, it presents certain conflicts that a schizophrenic may encounter on a daily basis such as, the social withdraws, hallucinations, emotional turmoil, and bizarre delusions, as well as, different treatments and medications that can help schizophrenics function day to day. In A Beautiful Mind , John Nash shows many signs of being a schizophrenic, from hallucinations, paranoia, a lack of social skills and various delusions. In several cases, many people show signs of schizophrenia in their late teen or early adulthood, which is similar to the time that Doctor Rosen dated John Nash’s illness to have begun to be untreated. As Doctor Rosen explained to John Nash’s wife, Mrs. Nash, the illness could have begun as early as graduate school at Princeton. John Nash interacted with his hallucinations since his years at Princeton, “One, so far that I am aware, an imaginary roommate named Charles Herman” says Doctor Rosen to Mrs. Nash. Researchers hypothesize that an excess of receptors for the neurotransmitter dopamine within the brain of a schizophrenic is the cause of a high level of intensify brain signals that create many positive symptoms. Positive symptoms are characterized as delusions, hallucinations, and disorganized thoughts. Therefore as a result of the excess receptors a schizophrenic like John Nash could see, feel, taste, and smell things that are not really there. Doctor Rosen describes
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John’s actions to be a result to this neurological problem, and says, “In John’s world, his behavior are accepted, encouraged.” This gives an additional illustration of a schizophrenic having an altered sense of reality, allowing them to live and interact in a world that their delusions and hallucinations support.
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schizo - In earlier years, a person with schizophrenia...

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