DREAM_PACKET - Katherine Arellanos DREAM PACKET Please visit

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Katherine Arellano’s DREAM PACKET Please visit http://www.dreamgate.com/dream/library/idx_psychology.htm Please take notes on… Psychoanalysis and Sigmund Freud Interpretations of dreams : a book describing the use of dreams and their connection to unconscious (was highly unpopular to those a lot of psychologist) Sigmund Freud saw dreams as “protecting” sleep, protecting our deepest desires. Jungians and C.G. Jung Viewed dreams as part of a natural process of healing & wholeness making us unique and an individual Explored the meaning and value of dreams through mythology, symbols, archetypes, personality types & many esoteric systems incorporating our imagination and soul. The C.G. Jung Page Explores questions of meaning, which engages the individual as well as the varied cultures in which we live Gestalt and Dreams At the now famous 1960's Big Sur retreat center in Esalen, California, there developed in the 1960's a whole set of techniques that are now part and parcel of the dreamwork movement. From taking every part of the dream as a piece of one's self to putting the dream on an empty chair and asking it directly what it was about, Perls and the Gestalt movement made dreamwork popular in a way it had never before seen. Although much of the work has now been toned down, the dreamwork movement continues to make
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DREAM_PACKET - Katherine Arellanos DREAM PACKET Please visit

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