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About me: Burrhus Frederic Skinner was raised in a small Pennsylvania town with his father, who was a lawyer and his mother, who was a smart housewife. Skinner grew up in a hard- working environment and continues that conduct throughout his life. He attended Hamilton College as well as Harvard. Burrhus was an atheist. Furthermore, B.F. Skinner he became an amazing psychology writer and was named one of the twentieth century’s most famous psychologists. B.F. Skinner died of Leukemia in 1990. Who I’d like to meet: Brittany Spears is someone I would like to study because of her “rocky” past. “Rocky” past meaning her involvement with drugs, and the way she shaved all her hair off. So that I can study what she learned through these experience and how it alters her behavior. Interest: General: B.F. Skinner was the leader of the behaviorism, which studied how consequences shape
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Unformatted text preview: behavior. Behaviorism was a method of viewing psychology. It is the idea that focuses on studying behavior without reference to mental processes but instead based on observations. This is due to the fact that feelings and thoughts cannot be observed or recorder however, it is possible to record and observe a persons behavior and responses to different experiences. Heroes-Keller and Merriam Breland: Were his co-workers/ partners in studying biological predispositions to train animals.-Friends Wasserman: He observes the reaction of birds between Stravinsky music and box music. Pavlov: Both behaviorist. Continue the idea of Rewards and punishments. John B. Watson: Uses similar method of viewing psychology through the study of observable behavior...
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