The price of a used toshiba player on ebay would the

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Unformatted text preview: mand for Blu-ray format movies? d. The supply of Blu-ray format movies? e. The price of Blu-ray format movies? f. The quantity of Blu-ray format movies? 28. After you have studied Reading Between the Lines on pp. 72–73, answer the following questions: a. How high did the retail price of gasoline go in April 2008? b. What substitutions did drivers make to decrease the quantity of gasoline demanded? c. Why would the switch to summer-grade fuel and the seasonal increase in travel normally raise the price of gasoline in the spring? d. What were the two main factors that influenced the demand for gasoline in 2008 and how did they change demand? e. What was the main influence on the supply of gasoline during 2007 and 2008 and how did supply change? f. How did the combination of the factors you have noted in d and e influence the price and quantity of gasoline? g. Was the change in quantity a change in the quantity demanded or a change in the quantity supplied?...
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