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FST 104 (Food Microbiology) M, W, F 10-10:50 am Wellman 2 Professor Maria Marco Office: 3200 RMI South Office hours: Mondays 4 – 5:30 pm [email protected] GENERAL INFORMATION Teaching assistants Bokyung Lee Office hours: Thursdays 11 – 12:30 3143 RMI North Fairy Fan Office hours: Wednesdays 1 – 2:30 3143 RMI North GENERAL INFORMATION
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• Cell phones OFF • No food or drink in class GENERAL INFORMATION Reader (manual) is available in bookstore Mostly follow the manual with changes lectures for Jan 11, Feb 8, and March 16 not in manual Optional in library: Modern Food Microbiology (ebook) Food Microbiology: an Introduction Slides available on Smartsite after class to remind you of key lecture information WINTER 2011 LECTURE AND EXAM SCHEDULE PART I: Food-borne disease Jan 9 Introduction to Food-borne Disease Jan 11 Basic Bacteriology Jan 13 Enterobacteriaceae and Relatives in Food Jan 16 No class. Martin Luther King Day holiday Jan 18, 20 & 23 Enterobacteriaceae and Relatives in Food (con’t) Jan 30 Staphylococcus aureus and Listeria monocytogenes Feb 6 Parasites and Fungal Toxins in Food Feb 8 Food Microbiology Detection Methods FRIDAY FEBRUARY 10 —MIDTERM #1 PART II: Parameters of Microbial Growth and Food Spoilage Feb 17 Thermal Destruction Kinetics and Calculations Feb 20 No class. Presidents Day holiday Feb 22 Water Activity as a Parameter of Growth and Survival Feb 24 Acids as Food Preservatives Feb 27 Effect of Atmosphere on Growth and Survival Feb 29 Effect of Atmosphere on Growth and Survival (continued) Mar 2 Microbial Spoilage Patterns Mar 5 Controversial Food Preservation WEDNESDAY MARCH 7—MIDTERM #2 PART III: Food Fermentations Mar 9 Lactic Acid Bacteria Mar 12 Dairy Fermentations Mar 14 Vegetable Fermentations and Complex Fermentations Mar 16 Gut Microbiology and Probiotics Mar 19 Food Safety and Security Overview and Legal Issues FINAL EXAM – WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21 1:00-3:00 PM
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Lecture+1+Introduction+FST104+2012 - GENERAL INFORMATION...

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