Lecture+6+Yersinia+and+Vibrio+_color_ - FST 104 January 23,...

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FST104 January 23, 2012 Quiz: AB 5 toxin Shiga toxin ( S. dysenteriae and EHEC) Labile Toxin (ETEC) Cholera Toxin ( Vibrio Cholerae ) Campylobacter jejuni enterotoxin ( Campylobacter jejuni ) Pertussis toxin ( Bordetella pertussis ) AB 5 toxins AB 5 toxin A six-component protein complex secreted from some pathogenic bacteria. 3 points: incorrect answer 4 points: partially correct answer 5 points: correct answer Points posted on SmartSite (approx 1 week)
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Extra credit 15 points (maximum) Food microorganisms in the news Must contain the following: 1.Select an food-microbe organism featured in the news between 2010-2012 2.Provide at least 2 independent news citations (internet, print) 3.Describe the news items (where, why, how, how long, etc) 4.Describe the organism and important attributes (virulence factors, metabolism, etc). Description should also contain the taxonomic classification, natural habitat, growth parameters, how this organism can be identified 5.Describe follow-up investigations (what happened since) 6.Recommend what can be done to prevent or promote the presence of this organism in food based on principles covered in FST104 1500 words At least 5 citations and no plagiarism and no wikipedia Spelling and grammar will be graded Member of the Enterobacteriaceae Yersinia Page 13 of manual 11 species Yersinia pestis Bubonic plague Yersinia enterolitica Gastroenteritis Highly genetically related but cause very different diseases
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Lecture+6+Yersinia+and+Vibrio+_color_ - FST 104 January 23,...

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