CIS 66 -Management Information Systems - Group Work #9

CIS 66 -Management Information Systems - Group Work #9 -...

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Unformatted text preview: 4/3/12 11:30 PM CIS 66 -Management Information Systems - Group Work #9 Page 1 of 1 Group Work #9 SOLUTION- "Systems - Development Approaches" ....due dates in-class Sec #4507 (April 16, 2008) & online Sec #5414 (April 19, 2008) What kind of approach (methodology) would you choose for the following application solutions? Justify your decision. (e.g., Traditional systems life cycle, prototyping, software package-based development, fourth- generation development and outsourcing) – Refer to Ch#14 pgs 506-523 (Sec 14.3 - Overview of Systems Development and Sec 14.4 - Alternative Systems-Building Approaches) The answer will depend on the package selected but the purpose of the exercise is to get students to think about how well packages can or can't meet information system requirements and the types of questions they should be asking. For example, for a payroll package, a student might ask whether there are any limits on the number of employees that can be paid at one time or maintained on the system; how many different kinds of...
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