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Electronics Engineering and Information Technologies PHYSICS-II PH 102.02 Instructor : Prof. Dr. Önder pekcan Lectures : Monday 16:00-16:50, CD Block 209 Thursday 15:00-16:50 CD Block 209 Course Book : Physics 2 Authors: F. J. Keller, W. Ketty, M. J. Skove Publ: McGraw-Hill Supplementary Books : Fundamentals of Physics, 7th ed. Authors: D. Halliday, R. Resnick, J. Walker Publ: John Wiley : Physics for Scientists and Engineers Authors: P. Fishbane, S. Gasiorowicz and S. Thornton Publ. Prentice Hall : Physic for Scientist and Engineer : Authors: Serway Publ. Saunder Outline of the Course Coulomb s Law and the Electric Field
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Unformatted text preview: Gausss Law Electrical Potential Capacitance, Electric Energy, and Properties of Insulators Current and Resistance Energy and Currents in DC Circuits The Magnetic Field Sources of Magnetic Field Faradays Law Inductance Magnetic Field in Matters Electromagnetic Oscillations and AC Circuits Grading Lab : 10% Midterm Exam : 15%x2=30% Final Exam : 60% (55% Exam+ 5% Homework) Home works are assigned on the blackboard Exam Dates 1. Midterm Exam : March 19 th 2010 at 16 00-18 00 2. Midterm Exam : April 30 th 2010 at 16 00-18 00...
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