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Bhim Subedi (ECE 101) Assignment #8 Due Thursday, March 24th at Beginning of Class To:   From:  Date:   4/3/12 Subject:  The main purpose of preparing this memo is to present a short report about our tour of The Arts, Research Technology and Science (ARTS) lab on March 10 th . The ARTS lab is a part of the University of New Mexico. It is the research lab for the student and faculty of the University of the New Mexico. The main features of the ARTS lab include "Digital Media Garage". This is a black box space made to perform different research and the experiment in digital graphics. The main theme of our ARTS Lab tour was to know about the basic concept of the projection system in two and three dimensional screen. I saw the green screen to create a video without a background. We also view the interesting feature of the dome screen and the way of creating the
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Unformatted text preview: virtual video with it. I guess everybody in our lab tour were quite interesting in the 3D video created by the student and faculty member of UNM. It was like a real 3D movie in a theater but here we see the actual technique behind it. The use of 8 different projectors for a single dome was really mind blowing. I was happy to have such experience for the first time in the tour of research laboratory; I internally develop an interest of doing the research on some kind of technical field seeing their achievements and outputs produced. As a whole lab tour was very useful for us who are in the basic stage of the engineering. I create some new hopes among us towards the field of the engineering. I will be pleased to answer any questions regarding to our tour of CHTM, you can contact me on 575-6508334/ [email protected] ....
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