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Muza - Q2(Friday)

Muza - Q2(Friday) - #3 stress f Fr t J l TnJe'Fnlse “3...

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Unformatted text preview: #3:; stress f: Fr t J l. TnJe'Fnlse “3 I [110}, {EU-:1}. and [21 l} are all diffraen'en planes fer a BEE crystal. .5 Plane speeing snip depends en atenn'e siseulse en cry eta-l- {hush-He, temrnefms t stress.) L Plastic defamation nccurs hefere elastic defermettnn' cl causes the material tn change shape pennancntly- {switch pit—stir. i retest-it. lThe tensile strength is the stress at which a I'l'tfllfltial begins tn “neck" in the plasrie rep-inn and the yield stress is maximum stress that can he applied haters the material plastiesllp defenns structure in tensien. E In general when cementing engineering stress—attain ems-res In true streaa-snain curses. the engineering nurse enntintestinal}r inereeses stress with increase in main while the true reaches a maximum stress and then begins to decrease in stress. {stall-sh engineer i he) 2. Using the fellewing eqest'tens and lcnewing what was discussed last. wee-it in reeitatien. w at wnnld yen expect tn happen tn the {l 11]] diffractien angle pealt fer a pure materiel AfEEC} when material B-EBCCJ is mixed in te ferrn sn alle].r that is 45 stemicea Ft. rssstnne that file turn materials fenn seereplete seiid selntien. let-“mi : .."'- 5 [ FA} t- 4 g 5. I re.) rd=fl.lI55nm Puma rg=fl.175nm “1"" {ll-D} 1'. .t‘T EIS' “M 4 E_Er I fine-ti} r!- R.“ _ ‘1 inn-em: in r --e mean-st '3'“ Inf-*4;- - .FI:3+.i:1"+l!1 {Kiri-‘4’- that '5' Jun-me ‘f'rx EH 3. {s} Elelnw, sketch an engineering stress—strain serve as well as a. true stress-strain nurse. [b] li'_'lrt the engineering stress—strain nurse label the Gflmsile Strength], EflYield Strength}, fraettrre pellet1 pIastie and elastic defmmsflnn regiens as well as where the E [Elastic Medttlns} is represented. Strain ...
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