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Suslov - Q1 (Thursday)

Suslov - Q1 (Thursday) - MSE 230 QUIZ 1 10 min Name JOMWJ...

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Unformatted text preview: MSE 230 QUIZ # 1 10 min Name: JOMWJ ‘ Score: 1. Atomic Bonding in Solids (Spts) ' 1.1 Draw the E versus r plot and annotate the following: r0, E(ro). What is the meaning of to? 1.2 Sketch the force, F, for any separation of two atoms using the E(r) versus r plot. , 1.3 Annotate the following: Fm“, Feq (equilibrium force). p 993 1.4 The slope of the F vs r plot at to defines what property of the material? fir? 5+0 ”4&3 i {I ,' IdVafDMC 67M Kr ”:90an'0£& 2. Crystal structures (Spts) At 20 0C, the crystal structure of aluminum is face-centered cubic. Given this information, sketch the (100), (110), and (111) planes and indicating where the atoms are on the planes. Label a <011> direction on the (100) and (110) planes. ...
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