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Suslov - Q3 (Friday)

Suslov - Q3 (Friday) - MSE 230 QUIZ 3(30,9163 10 min Name...

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Unformatted text preview: MSE 230 QUIZ # 3 (30,9163) , 10 min Name: Kgfi Score: 1. (10 pts) Suppose you are going to choose a material for a specific application which requires certain fatigue properties. The fatigue behavior for two different materials is shown on the plot below. The material of interest is first supposed to be used at the load condition of o = 100 MPa for as long as N = 10‘ cycles. Then the load will be increased up to the level of o = 250 MPa and the material will have to be able to run at that load for as long as N = 10° cycles more. What material (A or B) would you choose for the application? For the material you have chosen here, please give a specific example of a real material that would reveal the similar behavior. aye/mu a m a. fie?“ 62...»: M wz// mixer fw‘rabue 4.4 flat five/s a” Sff‘w. fxwé .' 3724/ [Momma/gay fla/ / fiHPa 5 t %J :3 may # W/ 7%?“ 0% 6-: Our-o MP4/ WM [00 ewe/gr mm fl: Mam. ' :3 .. / ,. A 5 la m" MIMI xa’LIo‘ /£’ Mm (ye/e” fpfi’m/ / (“rm/'7 2. (12 pts) The specimens of i) Lead; ii) 1040 Steel; and iii) Copper have been heavily cold worked at the temperature of T = 50 °C. As a function of percent of cold work (%CW), how would the yield stress vary for each sample (show schematically on the plot below)? Assume the recrystallization temperature for all materials given in the table Ta = 0.45Tm. \ 3. (8 pts) For the examples given below, please indicate the right order for the relative diffusion rates (D). Assume the temperature is the same for all three cases. Explanation can ‘bring a partial credit. i) ii) iii) Diffusion of Cr inoc- Fe (800) ——a- Maw/age Diffusion of C in or - Fe (BCC) —> /W2f1i‘1'4é/v m oi’FE may} #9an Diffusion ofC iny- Fe (FCC) —~7 I'ufeesf/figg/ ,2, {zzg/fng MP: a}; Answers: a) Due, < Due < DYC b) 0%, = 0% = DYc c) Duo = Dye > baa d) ' Duo = D70 < D“‘¢r f) Duo.- < Dye < Dac Duo, > Dye > one matey m d—Q/fia] figgéfiaéw Z/f/wn'w {A J/e‘M/M W Auk/£45472! Wkfl/ 566‘ Mam (yea, W )fiuu’u/e flat: gay flag F616 MW Hmu’u/Z/ riff: a / XMeg-Afi‘w/ 04%le ¥ _a Cafflaa W M» d'/2[57Z/IM’ W flew M ché/Fgé/ M Mé74'fzcy/7W ya c/v/ow'mu W M. «*Fé. ...
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Suslov - Q3 (Friday) - MSE 230 QUIZ 3(30,9163 10 min Name...

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