big game exam 1 outline

big game exam 1 outline - Human dimesnsions Wildlife...

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Unformatted text preview: Human dimesnsions Wildlife management is largely people management Wildlife management now requires understanding of political realities Change in public attitudes towards government agencies Why? 1. influence of special interest groups(commissions are political appointments) 2. agencies involved outside of the scope- downsizing of governments results in additional respolsiblites to remaining with possible no knowledge 3. agency become outdated pages 216-221 approaches to human dimensions in wildlife management (case studies) intersection of science and emotion in most causes citizens are not scientists some may have an agendy but most do not have interpretable information page 223 to resolve comflict/ gain public support or involvement 1. everybody need the onformation and be able to understand it (scientific jargon) 2. common goal 3. ecverybody must be avle to influence decision Strategic decision making A process that results in the long-term direction of an organization to reach a desired outcome Harvest management Doctrine of wise use- Roosevelt and Pinchot is utilitarian policy Issued to describe in concept of sustainable harvest FORESTRY Early- avoid overharvest Recently- increase satisfactions from multiple values contributing to satisfying experience Mix of science and public perception Harvest management more intense on private land vs. public land Private landowners generally have greater flexibility in management strategies Harvest data- available following hunt Setting objectives (page 194) 1. Current population status 2. Set population goals 3. Design and implement management strategy 4. Monitor results Current population status- return to this in 2 nd section of course Population estimation, carrying capacity (biological and cultural) Determine surpluses (how much to harvest) Establish hunting seasons Biological and cultural considerations License type and bag limit- that can be sustained and still meet objectives Unlimited vs. limited license (draw hunts) Season length and timing Based on objectives, bag limits- increase bag decrease season length...
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big game exam 1 outline - Human dimesnsions Wildlife...

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