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Study Guide Unit 2 – Political Behavior Political Socialization What is it? What are the key agents of socialization? What groups in our society a. vote in higher (or lower) numbers than other groups b. are more likely to be Democrats / liberals (or Republicans / conservatives) than other groups. What are the differences between these types of polls and which are more or less reliable? Random sampling, Stratified Random Sampling, Push polls, Exit polls, Straw polls How does the voting turnout in U.S. elections differ from turnout in other countries? What are some of the factors affecting election turnout? (see parties and elections topics as well) The Media How has the U.S. media changed over time and what is the difference between: Yellow journalism, Muckraking, Objective reporting, an Adversarial reporting? What are the economic interests of the media and how do those interests affect the media’s content? What is selective perception or a perceptual screen and how do we as viewers select what information to view or remember? What is the difference between a: press conference, press briefing, press release?
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