Chapter 5 "test yourself"

Chapter 5 "test yourself" - Chapter 5...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5 “test yourself” 1. Why is skin important?-It covers the entire body. 2. Can you think of five important functions of the skin? 1. Prevents desiccation 2. Protects 3. Helps maintain body temperature 4. Excretes water, salt, and organic wastes 5. Inputs touch and pressure information to the nervous system 6. Involved in vitamin D synthesis 3. What is keratinization and why is it an important process?- It formation and development of keratin which is tough and protective. 4. Can you list all five layers of the epidermis? 1. Stratum basale 2. Stratum spinosum 3. Straum granulosum 4. Stratum lucidum 5. Stratum corneum 5. What is happening in each layer?-Stratum basale: The base layer of the epidermis, composed of a single layer of cuboidal cells that divide to replenish the constantly eroding superficial layer of the epidermal.-Stratum spinosus: The prickle cell layer; the weblike layer of epidermis dense with intercellular attachments; located between the stratum granulosum and the stratum basale. In this layer cells of the epidermal layer are fixed for histological examination, they contract into speculated masses that resemble sea urchins. The cellular projections do not occur naturally....
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Chapter 5 "test yourself" - Chapter 5...

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