chapter 9 "Test Yourself"

chapter 9 "Test Yourself" - 1 What are...

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1. What are the main functions of blood? Transportation Regulation defense 2. What is one of the most common causes of hemoconcenteration, and how can it affect blood cell counts in peripheral blood? Caused by dehydrated fluid leaving the plasma and entering the tissue causing cells to be more concentrated by having less plasma in the bloodstream. Plasma is leaving the blood stream creating a higher concentration of red blood cells so the blood cell count of red blood cells increase. 3. What is the most abundant complnent of plasma? Water makes up 93% of plasma. 4. What are the three main catagories of cellular blood components? Red blood cells Platelets White blood cells 5. What is the difference between red bone marrow and yellow bone marrow? Red bone marrow is in young animals where there is high production of blood cells. Yellow bone marrow is in older animals where there is less prodiction of blood cells.
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chapter 9 "Test Yourself" - 1 What are...

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