BCOR 330 Study Guide Test 2

BCOR 330 Study Guide Test 2 - Databases are used to track...

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Databases are used to track things Excel versus Databases Relationships Data modeling requires user input Queries Business Intelligence Columns are also called fields (attributes) Rows are also called records (entities) Tables or Files + Relationships among rows in tables + Metadata = Databases Primary Key: Foreign Key: Metadata: Data about data. Enables databases to be self-describing User---------Database Application---------Database Management System (DBMS)------------Database Category Database Administration Task Description Development Create and Staff DBA function Form Steering Committee Specify requirements Validate data model Evaluate application design Size of DBA groups depend on size and complexity of database. Groups range from one part-time person to a small group. Consists of representatives from all user groups. Forum for community-wide discussions and decisions. Ensure that all user input is considered Check data model for accuracy/completeness Verify that all necessary forms, reports, queries, and applications are developed. Validate design and usability of application components Operation Manage processing rights and responsibilities Manage security Track problems and manage resolutions Monitor database performance Manage Database Management Systems Determining processing rights/restrictions on each table and column Add and delete users and user groups as necessary. Ensure that security systems work Develop system to record and manage
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BCOR 330 Study Guide Test 2 - Databases are used to track...

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