engl scris - I. 1. (T) The negotiation discussion between...

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I. 1. (T) The negotiation discussion between Henry an Hiroshi. . 2. (F) A negotiation between an American and a japanese . . 3.(T) is it crucial for the first stage… 4.(T) Experts say that some cultures … 5. (F) Western negotiators engage . . 6. (T) the author contends… II. Confused messages cause operational chaos If we don’t listen to our people and our customers, and 1) are, 2) much, 3) any, 4) is, 5) for, 6) better, 7) which, 8) it, 9) without, 10) because they are outside the vocabulary of the listeners. These essence of good communications is the 11D, 12C, 13A, 14C, 15D, 16B, 17B, 18A, 19C, 20B the clarity of communication. 21) (D gresit)It is essential (A) to get feedback to know if messeges (B) are both receive and understood …(C) to performing before a camera …(D) as clear and as well as we can. Rasp. D. 22) (B gresit) Commendable …(A) it is , the same… (B) should have been addressed…(C) the desired change … (D) has taken place . 23) (B gresit) Systematic questions (A) careful listening … (B) its part …(C) encourages feedback …(D) remove misunderstanding 24) (C gresit) that is true (A) for our own staff. . (B) equally true . . (C) overzealous selling … (D) customer dissatisfactions. . 25) (C gresit) The communication gap (A) is often only recognized … (B) the most successful … (C) we can do … (D) to openly communicate. The most important influence of communications within …. 26 capabilities. Speed, relevance 27accessibility and exciting … 28 outcomes. If there … 29competitive success …. 30 strengths. Do your knees feel like Gumby’s … 1) out…. Words 2) ever … full-blow 3)case … speakers, 4) has …. THE 5) best … you are 6) not … need to 7) make ….prepare 8)youself … fear by 9) another … accounts 10) for 11B are just a few suggestions … 12A your speaking … 13B impotant for all … 14C the Presentation. 15A will relax you …16D prepared … 17A to reduce … 18D and walk around … 20B and from there… 21) (C gresit) know thw audience (A) if possible … (B) as they arrive … (C) it is easiest . . (D) than to a group of strangers. 22) (D gresit) Know your material . . (A) are uncomfortable whit it … (B) will increase … (C) revise it . . (D) will Present. 23) (D gresit) Learn how to relax . . (A) by doing exercises … (B) sit comfortable … (C) breathe in slowly …(D) open your mouth and eyes widely. 24) (C gresit) … (A) as the audience applauds … (B) your voice loud, clear and assured … (C) will visualize yourself as successful. 25) (D gresit) (A) does not show at all … (B) nobody will notice … (C) had you remainded silet … (D) may not notice. Concentrate on your message – not the audience. … 26 attention … 27 vitality … 28 confidence … 29 effective … 30 feilure – so
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engl scris - I. 1. (T) The negotiation discussion between...

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