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1 RSM 222: Management Accounting Writing Workshop (2012) [PPT 1: Writing workshop] Introduction Welcome! My name is Rebecca Vogan, and I am here to help you prepare an excellent individual case assignment. Specifically, I am here to talk to you about the writing component of this task. Accounting students (like you) tend to express themselves very well in numbers. But this assignment asks you to express yourself well in both numbers and words. In each phase of this assignment, you will earn part of your mark with your writing skills. Writing instructors, including me, will assess the writing component of the assignment. Approach to the workshop [PPT 2: Workshop overview] In this workshop, I invite your participation. We’ll begin, however, with a short lecture and discussion. First, we’ll spend a few minutes discussing professional writing and its key qualities. Next, we’ll briefly discuss the memo format: the classic professional writing form. Finally, we’ll discuss writing rubrics and go over the one created for this assignment. You may have already printed out a copy, but if not, I have others. After this preliminary discussion, we’re going to look at the sample solution to the sample case that your instructors posted for you to try. Unfortunately, the memo is not yet excellent. The accounting answers are still correct, but many writing issues now appear in the text. In this workshop, we’re going to improve the writing in several ways. Attitude towards writing But first, let me ask you a question: How do you feel about writing? [PPT 3] Here are some possible answers. Raise your hand if any of them match the way that you feel. 1. Writing makes my heart pound with excitement. 2. Writing makes my heart pound with fear. 3. Writing makes me a little nervous. 4. I enjoy writing. 5. I hate writing. 6. I consider writing unimportant. [PPT 4 Screaming woman]
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2 Purpose of the Assignment Clearly, I am hoping that none of you voted for the last possible answer. In fact, your professors created this assignment because they want to help you strengthen your writing skills. Why is writing so important to your academic and professional success? The assignment instructions give several important reasons for this assignment: [PPT 5: Why practise writing?] The final exam for this course will call on you to analyze a case concisely and accurately. Other Rotman courses set case-based assignments. Professional exams (such as CA, CGA, CMA, CFA) have an important writing component. Many of your other courses ask you to prepare written assignments. Businesses want people who can communicate effectively on paper and on screen. Effective written communication saves time, money, confusion, and grief. Why does this assignment call for
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writing workshop notes - RSM 222: Management Accounting...

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