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IDENTIFICATION OF AN UNKNOWN ORGANIC SOLID Abstract : The experiment was performed so that student could familiarize with the basic techniques used in the organic chemistry lab such as the solubility test, thin layer chromatography (TLC), and melting point test. Different solvents allow different type of reaction to occur; therefore some worked better than the other and allowed the elimination of many given known solids. Thin layer chromatography compared the retention factor of the unknown to a list of known compound and gave a more convincing evidence of the identity of the unknown. Lastly the melting point of the unknown compared to the suggested identified solid yielded by TLC test confirmed once again the identity of the unknown has been found. Introduction: It is known that organic compounds have a variety of organic solvents in which they could dissolve in. By knowing that fact, a chain of observation was done by allowing an unknown organic solid to dissolve in water, diluted HCl, diluted NaOH, and 5% Sodium. With the experience of how organic compounds behave, we hypothesized the structure of the unknown through polarity by how well the solid dissolved in each given solvent. Thin layer chromatography test was done on a thin silica film on which a very small amount of dissolved unknown and the known compounds that needs to be compared were introduced on a straight horizontal line. The retention factor (R f ) compared the distance which the unknown could travel relatively to a more narrowed down list of known compounds to give a better sense how polar the unknown is in certain column solvents including diethyl ether, hexane and ethyl acetate. While TLC narrowed the final following up known compound, melting prove the true and last
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