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JLG Page 1 4/3/12 Chemistry 120 – Summer 2011 SYLLABUS Instructor: Judy George E-mail : Office: Room 3216 Phone: 619-644-7325 “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark ."  Michelangelo, Italian sculptor, painter, architect and poet, (1475-1564) Purpose : A beginning general chemistry course for students with little or no background in chemistry. This course will be an intensive study in areas of problem solving, basic atomic theory, chemical nomenclature, stoichiometry, gas laws, solutions, acid-base chemistry and redox and more. The laboratory will be an introduction to quantitative techniques, descriptive chemistry, and data treatment. Prerequisites: The academic prerequisite for the course is a “C” or “CR” or higher in Mathematics 110 or equivalent. You must be able to read, write and understand English at a technical level equal to that found in the texts for this course. Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of the class the student should be able to: 1. Solve a wide variety of problems using dimensional analysis. 2. Use proper conventions with regard to significant figures. 3. Apply the basic terms of science and chemistry. 4. Write the correct chemical formula from a name and the correct IUPAC name from a formula for simple inorganic compounds. 5. Relate the position of an element on the periodic table to the electronic structure of that atom at its ion. 6. Diagram Lewis Dot structures for atoms, simple inorganic ions, and simple compounds. 7. Prepare three dimensional drawings showing polarity of molecules by applying VSEPR theory. 8.
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Chemistry120SyllabusSummer'11 - JLG Page 1 4/3/12 Chemistry...

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