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GEA1000 - Population Change

GEA1000 - Population Change - Major areas of high densities...

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Major areas of high densities China India Europe People love to live near water so population is highest near coasts or large lakes/rivers. Drinking water Irrigation Natural Resources Transportation etc What factors influence population distribution Environmental factors Does it have oil or arable land or access to water? What is the climate like? Does it have capital resources such as tech or transportation? Landforms, climate, soils, energy and minerals, space relationships Socio-Economic factors Historical settlement pattern Economic viability: carrying capacity and employment generation Degree of diversity in the economy Technological advancement Social organization and intergroup antipathies Political factors Govt policy Conflicts? rural/urban area Political boundaries Public policies Trade connections Demographic factors Natural increase Migration Natural disasters Population density - the number of persons per unit of area Types Arthmetic density
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