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GEA1000 - Remote Sensing - Water reflects a lot of near IR...

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Definition: Process of detecting or monitoring chemical or physical properties of an area by measuring its reflected or emitted radiation. Looking at the visible light section of the electromagnetic spectrum Bands are the segments of the electromagnetic spectrum measured by the remote sensing instrument. Landsat Bands TM1-7 Blue, Green, Red, near IR, short wave IR, Thermal IR, Mid IR One section of the EM Spectrum One pixel with a Digital Number representing value Combine 3 bands into RGB values and you get an image If the colors that you’re actually viewing are displayed then its a true color image, if not then its a false color image. True color is 321, Show water easily is 453, Show cleared land/vegetation 742 Spectral Signatures - measure of the properties of an object at one or several wavelength intervals. The amount of solar radiation an object reflects absorbs or emits varies with wavelength.
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Unformatted text preview: Water reflects a lot of near IR Plants send back a lot of IR and some green Soil reflects more and more IR the higher you get Land cover is the observed (bio)physical cover on the earths surface NDVI Calculated by talking the ratio of red light and near-infrared light = (NIR - Red) / (NIR + Red) Value is between -1 and +1 0 = no vegetation ~.8 is the highest density of green leaves All remote sensing supports the following resolutions what else?!? Spatial Resolution size of the smallest possible feature that can be detected Finer the resolution, less of the total area that can be seen Radiometric Resolution Temporal Resolution the frequency at which images are recorded/captured in a specific place on the earth....
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