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What is Geography? Father of the term geography is Eratosthenes (Greek, 276 BC - 194 BC) Discovered system of latitude and longitude Circumference of earth Tilt of earth’s axis Distance from earth to the sun and moon Calculated the length of the year at 365.25 days (created leap year) 1600s, they thought that California was an island Geo = Earth Graphien = To write = “Description of the earth” Geography - the study of the natural and human constructed phenomena relative to the spatial dimension Studies how things differ from place to place Spatial variation Not just where things are, but why they are there Branches of Geography Physical geography Studies Earth’s natural features and processes Geomorphology, Hydrology, Glaciology, Biography, Pedology. .. Human geography How human activity affects or is influenced by the earth’s surface Population, settlements, economic activities, transportation, language.
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Unformatted text preview: .. Environmental geography Spacial aspects of interactions between humans and the natural world How humans use, perception and modification of environments Geospatial sciences Cartography - The science or practice of drawing maps Geographic information systems (GIS) - a system for storing, manipulating and displaying spacial data Remote sensing - process of detecting and monitoring chemical or physical properties of an area by measuring its reflected or emitted radiation Five themes of geography Movement Shipping, immigration, disease Regions Places that have similar characteristics (people, timezone, climate) Human-Environment interaction adapt to live, modify environment, depend on environment Location Absolute, environment Place People, culture, language, religion, buildings, landmarks and cities...
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