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Market Segmentation We segmented our market base on traveling reasons. For a hotel to being to target a market they need to know why people travel to the areas that the hotel is located in. People’s reasons for traveling are going to let you know just what they might be looking for in terms of lodging and what they might be willing to spend on lodging. Once you know who is coming to your area, you can start to develop plans to get them into your doors and away from your competitors by appealing to your wants. Cross Border Shoppers The First of these groups are Cross border shoppers. These people are Canadians that come to the shopping centers for items not located near them in their own Country. Since Presque Isle has a relatively large mall compared to the surrounding population Canadians are able to find American stores that would require long travel if they stayed in their own country. Making the short trip over the border is relatively easy then driving the many miles to find equal
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